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“I have a crush …”

Today while roaming through Pinterest for some ideas (Yes, I pin.) I came across a picture that said the following… “I have a hopeless crush on someone I have no chance with.” Normally I’d feel a bit sad because my mind would automatically think about the person who wrote this. I’d instinctively wish they were… Continue reading “I have a crush …”

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13-14th of March – Le Birds

Oops! I was sure I had posted something for the 13th. I feel like I am missing a day in my week lol … as I was trying to remember what happened yesterday I realized that my Sunday and Monday are all mushed together and it doesn’t really make sense. It’s Tuesday but it feels… Continue reading 13-14th of March – Le Birds

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10th/11th of March -hate myself

First two day as a 26 year old —– I thank God for my job, never in a million years would I have seen myself working at a fabric store. It’s definitely not a place I can apply my Pastry Chef degree. I am nowhere near an oven, the closest one is probably the one… Continue reading 10th/11th of March -hate myself

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I am Son, of El `Elyon!

I can’t believe I hadn’t translated this yet. I had started the translation back in December of 2014 (original in Spanish, written in Oct 2014), but for some reason I didn’t finish. Tonight something happened, and I was reminded of a specific part that I needed to reread for myself because of what was happening. However instead of… Continue reading I am Son, of El `Elyon!