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“I have a crush …”

Today while roaming through Pinterest for some ideas (Yes, I pin.) I came across a picture that said the following… “I have a hopeless crush on someone I have no chance with.” Normally I’d feel a bit sad because my mind would automatically think about the person who wrote this. I’d instinctively wish they were… Continue reading “I have a crush …”

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Seraphim Aura

Ser·aph noun plural noun: seraphim    – an angelic being, regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardor, and purity.   (google search) – one of the 6-winged angels standing in the presence of God (Miriam Webster Dict.)  – mentioned in Isaiah 6:2Isaiah 6:3Isaiah 6:6Isaiah 6:7.… Continue reading Seraphim Aura

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I used to doodle dresses

Soldiers of the Cross church folk know the struggle of having to find clothes without any image on it.  Sometimes you gotta stand there and make sure the design doesn’t resemble anything God created, in Heaven, Earth or Ocean/Sea like a 35 petal flower. – Dahlias  Everyone has had that one moment where they find… Continue reading I used to doodle dresses

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A little bit of my music history, and my crazy voice

I remember nights praying and sometimes even crying,  asking God what was the point of me loving music so much if I had no way to release how I felt. I knew how to play some piano and I could play the flute but whenever I played I felt like I was choking… Not an exaggeration,… Continue reading A little bit of my music history, and my crazy voice

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When i get sad sometimes…

Missing someone who was never conceived or born, is that possible? One thing that triggers my ssa are the moments when for some reason I miss him, my big brother. Now he never existed but my consciousness and subconscious gave him life. What do I mean by “gave him life” in my loneliness and pain… Continue reading When i get sad sometimes…