photo (1)Why “singing with out music” ?

When I sing to God, I feel completely free, like I am in some other place away from everything. That happens especially when I have taken the time to prepare by memorizing the lyrics, knowing when and where I have to really count, knowing that each note is in my range even if I feel that it’s not.  I want to feel the same passion,  for sharing Jesus with the world, as I do for singing.

When it comes to talking to others I can be extremely self conscious and not be able to utter a word. I know  God wants me to talk to others about him, but it would be easier for me to sing a song insead of having to talk to the person.   However not everything can fit into a song, not everything can be explained, not all questions can be answered in one melody. (I also don’t think people would appreciate me breaking out into a sacred/religious song/aria in the middle of Walmart, the metro bus, library etc. )  That is why through this blog I will be “singing with out music”

One of the definitions that Merriam-Webster dictionary gives for the word sing, is “-to utter words in musical tones and with musical inflections and modulations” …………. What this means is that I will be uttering (typing) the words, and it will be God that will find the way to allow the words to turn into a melody that impacts your heart and soul.

– Japhet

P. S. I’ll probably post some randomness of my life… Get your popcorn and enjoy the drama!

Tratare de traducir todo lo que escriba asi que si entiendes mas el Español visita: cantandosinmusic.wordpress.com


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