bone broth diet

Day 3 – Week 1


it was okay, I decided last minute to maybe make this day the fasting day, but changed my mind afterwards. However most of the day I went with out eating because I got distracted working on adding binding to a quilt and then preparing fabric for a table runner. It’s weird, but it’s not the first time it has happened that I go most of the day with out eating because I get consumed in a project. Mother is the one that usually pops my bubble and reminds me that I should eat something.

I had a cup of beef bone broth from Kettle and Fire, for dinner I had some of the chicken soup mother made. I did a no no and slipped in some of the shells into my plate. Not sea shells but those made out of flour and stuff, like noodles. I can’t think of the name right now lol

I figured I’d not consume anything else but before bed I was hungry and ate 2 apples. I hadn’t had an apple in a long time. They tasted wonderfully delicious. lol

Day 3

I had timed out my day on what I was going to do food wise. Things changed when I got called in early to work. I made myself scrambled eggs, used coconut oil, well its more like butter because it comes in a glass container. Wasn’t sure what to expect, they didn’t taste different. I love adding pepper to everything so added some and then had to find a way to grate some of my pink salt because one crystal is too much to bite at once. (Yes I did try it, It was not fun)  and I ate an avocado with it.

I didn’t have time to make a lunch, so I stuffed a container with some strawberries and an apple. I’ve been drinking water and then fruit infused sparkling water. It’s zero on everything except sodium. I should probably check if that’s allowed.

For dinner I had a salad with some of the chicken breast my mom made. Probably shouldn’t have had that chicken breast b/c  she probably added a condiment that isn’t allowed, oh well.

Only complaint so far is that I randomly feel a nasty, upset feeling in my mouth. The book says that days 2 – 7 are the days you might feel cranky and tired. Haven’t felt that, but I did have to crouch down a bit today and my joints felt weird around my knees. Book said that would be normal. These days are described as the days of the “epic battle between you and your brain” who is “having a fit that it’s not at all happy that it’s being deprived of i’s normal rewards of sweet, salty, fatty junk foods.” (pg 24)

I am currently drinking Yogi – ginger lemon tea, I didn’t put any sugar in it but when it hits the back of my throat it feels sweetish, but not a good sweet. {need to read the ingredients on the box)

a tip Dr. Petrucci gives is to picture your body regulating your blood sugar, becoming a fat burning machine that regulates your hormones, relieves inflammation and heals your gut. Im trying too. Mom made refried beans and yellow rice! one of my favorite combos, I almost gave in.

Enough rambles for today. Hope all is well in your life.

I saw snow again this morning, and had to pour water on my windshield to take it off. First time of ever doing that. Lots of ice every where. I almost fell leaving my house lol

God bless you!



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