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16th of March

15th got posted on my Instagram @japhet369 cuz I was too lazy to get to a computer lol


Today I thank Abba for…………. I’m not sure, it’s been a good week. It seems to have gone by really quickly, though. Currently inside a bubble of peace or something like it. Let’s just say I can see the outline and I see that it’s buzzing. I am a worrier, and so when I feel like this it’s hard for me to take it in and accept it. I want to worry, I want to have something ruining my peace because deep down I still think I don’t deserve peace and calm.

I know I could be doing so much better spiritually than what my current state is, but at the moment I don’t feel weak, I don’t feel like I’m dragging myself on the ground. I ask Holy Spirit to constantly help me to stop seeing myself negatively and just accept that I am blessed, I am His son, I am covered by his grace and mercy which allows me to have this bubble of peace around me.

One thing I get told constantly or randomly by strangers is to smile…. I can be lost in thought and some stranger will be like, “Hey! You should smile more!” … then for some reason, which I can’t explain my face smiles. Inside I’m like, “What are you doing?” but my face does what it wants lol… and it smiles. Afterward, I forget what random thought process I was on, but somehow I feel better.

I guess today I am thankful for this peace that I don’t think I deserve. I am happy. I have what I need in my life. I do not want… well I do wish but I don’t need those things to live


I pray that our Heavenly Father allows you to feel that wonderful peace in your life. If at this point in time you are aching, hurting, I pray the Holy Spirit comes and dispels what troubles you and grants you peace of mind. I pray He reminds you in some special way that you are his child and that you are under his care. I pray that Jesus helps you and me to be a light and shine through the darkness of a soul who is in need of peace. I pray he gives us the words to speak to their heart so that they can remember there is someone greater who can take their burden and make it light. May God bless us all, tonight and grant us peaceful sleep.

Take care



One thought on “16th of March

  1. How easy it is to get lost in though and worry. I think our culture pushes to think/worry about the future rather than enjoying and living in the present. But neither is great when pushed to the extreme. Keep living and loving and smiling brother.

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