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13-14th of March – Le Birds

Oops! I was sure I had posted something for the 13th. I feel like I am missing a day in my week lol … as I was trying to remember what happened yesterday I realized that my Sunday and Monday are all mushed together and it doesn’t really make sense. It’s Tuesday but it feels like it should be Monday! Time has robbed me of a day! 

Oh well, we must continue on. 

Today I thank my Heavenly Father for the birds! 

Part of my getting to know myself tour, of 2016, involved me getting a bird feeder. Currently, I have three in the backyard. They aren’t extravagant at all. Well one of them is kinda cool, in the way the outer cage slides down over the openings whenever a Pigeon tries to get into the feeder. Its purpose is to protect the bird food from the squirrels but so far only Pigeons have had to deal with it. 

Birds have always fascinated me. The way then can fly and soar through the sky. Thier different chirps, calls, songs they use to communicate with each other. The way each bird species and subspecies has a unique coloring and shape for a beak. The way each bird was colored and decorated uniquely by the Creator. There are so many birds out there that one feather alone from their plumage would be enough to inspire an artist. Some look so graceful and divine, like the white Swan that glides over the water and whose mating dance has inspired ballets. (They aren’t the nicest of birds though, can be very aggressive lol) The eagles, hawks, and falcons soar up into the highest parts of the heavens and look down upon us like mere ants. Thier agility and precision when they dive down to catch their prey. One of my favorites the wise looking owls. If owls were pets I’d have at least three lol 

My favorite birds, that visit my backyard, are the Cardinal couples. Last year, I learned to listen out for them. Especially a couple who brought their young one to feed. They have a unique chirps/calls and they were the only ones to stand up to the pesky Mocking Birds. I just love their red feathers, they always make me think of the blood of Christ which covers us and washes away our sin. The other bird that I had never seen before or had never really paid attention to was the purple/red finch. It’s brown plumage makes it hard to see amongst the tree branches but once in a while, you’ll get a glimpse of its red head. 

 Today is the day that I finally just sat down, put everything aside, worries, thoughts, social media, phone and just sat on the couch and looked out the window. I also took that time to finish the baby blanket I’ve been crocheting. While watching the birds I had to take a big ol’ sigh and tear up as I remembered the bible verse,

Look at the birds of the air: They do not sow or reap or gather into barns — and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? ” Matthew 6:26

Which of course led me to the lyrics of, “His eye is on the Sparrow” — I love Sister Act 2, that’s how I came across this beautiful hymn. It’s one of those hymns that is on My List to some day sing.  God has blessed our congregation with the gift of having Tania amongst us and her beautiful voice. I love it whenever she sings this song in a service, I can’t help but cry out to Jesus. Somewhere from deep inside my heart a wordless prayer rises up. 

Some days I wish I were a bird. Life would have been so much more simple plus I’d be able to fly. I love the idea of flying, being able to float about the ground, defying gravity. I love looking at their wings. If tattooing were permitted to us I’d probably get a set of wings on my back just for funsies haha … I’m actually not sure if it’s biblically supported but I do hope we get wings when we go to heaven. Like I said previously on a post I’d like to have 3 pairs of wings, the way the Seraphim are described. Who knows what awaits us when we transform? 

Good night and God bless

I hope all of you are well whenever you read this. Smile, God is watching you right now. 


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