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You’d think I was purposefully looking for articles on Celibacy today, but I wasn’t. It just happened that one email had a blog post on this subject, I clicked and that one, and it had links to others and so on. I read them all and shared

2-part post on celibacy

Probably my favorite so far until now because it speaks about both the positive and the negative

To Celibacy—Part 1

To Celibacy!—Part 2

I am barely 25 (feel so old lol)! I know I still have life to live before me, but the thought of remaining celibate the rest of my life doesn’t scare me. It actually removes a large chunk of societal pressure and frees up tons of free time. I don’t know where God will lead me, but I have no fear in following Him to where ever that may be. God knows I love traveling and experiencing the atmosphere of our different congregations. Each congregation has it’s own weaknesses and strengths, both can teach us lessons about our own spiritual life. For example when you visit a congregation that puts a big emphasis on prayer time, you are kind of forced into examining your own devotional life. How long ago was it that you really spent time praying, not for you and for what you want, just praying for others and their situations. Just praising God, and not asking or whining.

Another example would be those who have a big heart for evangelizing, by helping others, those outside the SCC community.  There are congregations that have groups that thrive on this while others have a hard time keeping this ministry alive within their congregations because people don’t feel called to do so. I personally struggle with doing anything related to evangelizing, I’m trying to work on it. I love singing and baking, so I’m trying to work up the courage, and find ways to use those two things within our local evangelism ministry.  (Praying for a job to appear soon, dislike using house supplies and not being able to replenish them even though I know my parents don’t mind)

okay, I’m not sure where I was headed with this post anymore, but I sort of see Holy Spirit nudging me on something lol … any who, just don’t want people feeling sad for me because I have chosen this path or to think I am afraid of commitment or think I need more therapy haha

I don’t need people fasting or praying for me to find a girlfriend/wife, what I need is for people to pray I always have the courage/strength to stay true to this vow. Pray that I can help those who are out there near my age group, who are forced into celibacy because of divorce or because of their own same sex attraction. FYI if you are one of those that have the “Well what are you going to do when you are old, who is going to take care of you?!”question… I kind of feel like you are forgetting about God and all his promises. I’m sure He has all that taken care of, the last thing I would want to be is a burden on someone else and their family, and I am sure He doesn’t want that for me either. I’m barely starting life, stop jumping to the very end of the book! Making me feel extra old thinking about the end already haha!

Anyways I already told God that I kinda have to go to sleep (die) before I get to the point where I can’t shower myself, eat on my own, or require a walker to get around.  Who knows maybe I’ll stop ageing around the age of 35 or at least age extremely slowly after that year and not know death because the heavens will open up, trumpets shall sound and in clouds of glory I shall see Jesus return. A ver que pasa? Maybe I’m just supposed to shed light on this, to help others out who have been granted the gift of celibacy, so that our church can find ways to help them out, an I’ll eventually get married. However like I said before that will only happen if God’s plan, for my life, cannot be completed before I die with out marriage.


well God bless to you all, thank you for reading my babbles, comment or email (bcajina09@yahoo.com) on your own thoughts about this subject

Pray for the young couples that have recently gotten married or are about to, pray for those who really do want to get married, but haven’t found a person to date yet, for God to be in control and guiding them from beginning to end.


here are some other links to articles I have read today.




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