Today I thought I’d just write what ever came to mind while sitting in front of the screen.

1)I’ve started dream journaling (is that a word?) – it is said it is useful in helping with improving memory. I heard that on a podcast, pretty sure it was on The Magnetic Memory Method podcast.  I’m not sure if it is or not but since I’ve started writing down, I realize I remember a dream most mornings. Sometimes even three, all random and pointless, or so they seem to be haha

They’d make great mini stories, like the one that involved Miranda Priestly hiding in my neighborhood. Not the neighborhood I currently live in, but the one I grew up in. Dodson St. -Houston, Tx.  don’t remember the address, anyways if you drive down that street now all you’d see is a bunch of trees. Everything got knocked down. After tropical storm Allison, we were made to relocate b/c the city had some project, I think they were going to build something to collect water or at least that’s what I remember. I was still kind of in a child mind-state so I didn’t pay much attention to what was going on through that whole process. Those were adult issues, I was more worried about surviving school and not getting sent to hell b/c of what I was feeling or thinking inside. (Same-sex attraction stuff)  Nothing has been done, trees have grown where the previous ones were knocked down. A block over Sak-n-sav got turned into a flea market, you head in the opposite direction and everything is compelelty different. There is a new plaza (i think that’s the word) New Home depot and other brand new stores, right next to a flood zone lol … I still remember ppl saying we only got so much water in our neighborhood b/c the city decided to open up some gates  and let the flood waters come our way instead of other areas of the city. May be true or not, but oh well, we’ve had to move on. …….

back to the dream, Miranda (incase you don’t know, white haired lady from Devil wears prada, evil, bossy, controlling) is hiding in my neighborhood from the media and her family. Idky but that’s were my dream starts. Somewhere next to my old house there is an apartment complex, that is where she is staying. For some reason I end up in her home, I recognize her…. dream fast forwards cuz they can do that. We have had some time to get to know each other, I know her background story cuz I watched the movie haha … she tries to be bossy and rude at times, but I just give her that “gurrrl, you done lost yo mind!” look. I ignore her rudeness and we continue on, every so often she tries to speak to me as if I were one of her assistance, but I kindly remind her that she has no control over me and I can walk away at anytime. After that the dream is mostly glimps of our lives, talking, looking out the window, walking in some random grocery store. Then the last part is her trying to convince me to open up to this one person who has entered my life. No idea who she was referring to, I think I tell her I’ll think about it … I wake up!

2) I’ve started listening to podcast, the one mentioned above and others. Mostly episodes that speak about INFJ’s or anything random that I decide to look up and see if someone has a podcast episode on: I literally type in: Baritone voice, opera, a specific Bible verse, bed time story, legends, mythology lol —– any one have a fav podcast they listen to, let me know, currently looking for others to listen tooooo

3) Because of the podcast The Magnetic Memory Method, I have started to dive into the world of improving my memory. There are different techniques/tools we can use to remember different things. I’ve currently used one of the tools to remember the books of the Bible from Gen. to Proverbs … I always thought Ezra was down at the end of the Bible before New Test. and I knew Ruth existed but I honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell you right off the top of my head a general location, I would have put Nehemiah next to Jeremiah b/c they rhyme  LOL …. I have to continue with the other books but I’ll do that later lol

4) Currently reading: Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything by Joshua Foer

Use Your Perfect Memory: Dramatic New Techniques for Improving Your Memory; Third Edition by Tony Buzan   — I want to read his book on speed reading next, I think I read fast but it’d be cool to know how to improve lol 

5)No work yet, still searching. I need to go pick up my diploma so hopefully I can speak to them an they’ll have info on an opening.

6) I miss voice lessons! I miss music school …. I’m still interested in going to Massage Therapy school only reason I didn’t go was because the school I was interested in attending was closed and in that time I found Culinary Institute Le Notre.

7) Reading up on INFJ’s has helped me personally understand what I do, why I do it, how I do it, and other random things that go on in my head that no one else knows or would be able to understand. It turns out it is all very normal. I’m praying that in learning all this God can help me improve and allow myself to be more useful in his Kingdom.

8) I have that bug again, the wanting to get up and move away and start a new life somewhere, push myself to be on my own and see how well I can do on my own two feet, see how strong I am spiritually, see if I truly trust God or if I just say I do .. obviously to one of the cities that one of our SCC congregations are located at. It’d be nice some where far from the equator cuz I hate the heat and love winter, but also not so far that going to the beach would be pointless cuz of the freezing wind haha … this bug will either pass or actually stay and make something happen

9) I have peace in my life. I realized that, like a big WHAM! ORCHESTRA CLIMAX MOMENT lol … sure I don’t have job, practically broke until i get paid.  (OH YEA CHOIR STARTED AGAIN at Good Shepherd, I get to sing on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings again) I still have issues with my SSA, at times feel lost and alone at sea, still hvnt done much weight loss lol, want to travel but I’m broke, I wish I could do more to help ppl who struggle with SSA within my church …….. but beside all those small trivial ants of bumps in life, I am blessed. I’ve taken that for granted too long. I am truly blessed, I may not have what I want but I do have what I need. Correction I have most of the things I want, I can’t complain. God loves me! I have family and friends who pray for me and checkup on me. Which reminds me, please pray for Adlai, so she can have some fast healing. Pray for Deily an her TWINS! Denice and her baby. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Matt an Libz union, Jonathan and Leli new life as husband an wife …  for Gio wherever he at, for my sis an her minor accident today

okay that’s probably enough for now, I finally went to see some art in downtown. which made me realize I don’t know my own city and I’ve lived here all my life, que pena! I think in the mean time while no job comes I’ll go about exploring Houston and see the stuff that it has hidden.

God bless you all! Praying for you all!

Live your life like there is no tomorrow! Just don’t get cray an break a bone, or get a ticket, or get put in jail, or go spending like u just won the lottery cuz then you’ll have a large bill to pay lol


2 thoughts on “August

  1. Yes. I love journaling (I don’t think it’s a word, but I use it too) entries that are more stream-of-thought, or whatever happens to be on my mind.
    Also, encouraged to know that there are other SSA guys here in Texas – I assumed so.. but how do you begin to know?
    And wanted to see if you had heard of Your Other Brothers? If not, check out their blog and podcast.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I’ve been reading their blogs for a while now. Desperatly waiting on the next podcast episode lol
      I’ve been searching, I know there are more out there within Houston, just haven’t had any luck connecting with anyone yet.


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