Messages for my life · Other things from inside my head


Abba he prostrates before you

searching, reaching out to you.

My heart aches, my heart cries

I want to see him rise.

Abba, are you listening?


I’d give him my blessings if it meant anything

I know you are the giver of the gift,

only you can grant what he truly needs.

I must wait…

patience must be my companion

“Wait on the Lord, oh soul of mine,

Trust in His time! “


Time passes, time flies by

waiting for the whirlwind

waiting for the earthquake

or the storm…

None of them come

Only three are here





I was wrong!

Like the morning dew, who silently appears

when the light of the morning sun

spreads its rays across the land,

You were waiting for us, not us for you!


You are here! Speak with him,

embrace him, save him!

Open your wings, O Sacred Dove

descend upon him, ignite the flame

bring forth praise to your holy name.


Before this moment ends

I implore at your feet.

Before heaven and earth

and all of Heavens court,

“Draw near oh Lord and grant this wish.

This petition born from the center of my soul,

may his name be found written and sealed

on the pages of your eternal book

 from now until forever and ever more!”


I know you are here,

Waiting for me to ask of you

Something no one else has heard me say

However, what I want for me

matters not today!


“Love others!”

That was your wish for our hearts, was it not?

Today I see him through your eyes.

This has been you’re doing in my heart

and I accept.


That is why,

with the love that pours down from you

I silence my own heart,

I give my all into this one request,

“Save him, anoint him!”

What was meant for me today,

I give back if it means his time has come

and he no longer has to wait.


Patience will be my companion




The comforters of my soul and heart!


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