I miss you!

I miss you!

                                                                       How can that be?

You have no face, no name

                                          How is it I miss your touch, your embrace?

There is a chasm, a nameless void

Brought forth into existence for you.

Somedays it closes

Others it disappears behind a dense fog of turmoil.

At times it almost seems to take life

Shapeshifts into the mouth of a wolf, on the hunt

With every intention of swallowing me whole.

Somedays I am curious about what lies at the bottom.

Others I fear that a bottom doesn’t even exist!

Why is the chasm here, I don’t know

But it tempts me to let go and dive.

It is darkness and uncertainty

It is pain,



                                                                              and possibly death

Who are you?

You have no face or name

Yet your nonexistence torments me.

Why is it I want to cry out for you?

I can almost name you

But I can’t




                                                                         Existed .

or could I be wrong? 






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