This is dedicated to a special couple who is soon to be united in marriage. It is also my wish that this becomes a reality in the lives of my other friends, who are going to be married or already have had their special day in which they were united as one under the Lord’s blessing. .

May Two,
Man and Woman

And then be added to a Third,
So that together
All three can become
The Perfect One!

Just like The Third
Who is not One, all alone,
But Three existing
Perfectly in One!

Who are the Three that make up The Third?

The Father that sent the Son
The Son who sent the Spirit
The Spirit who guides you to the arms of the Son,
Arms that then place you at the feet of the Father,
Creator of the stars,moon and sun
Who then blesses you with the power,
that comes from the Son and the Spirit.


It’s always like that
One takes you to the others
And then the others bring you back to the One
Everything within them
Always flowing, moving perfectly

That is why,
the Three, who are One
Must be added to the Two,
who wish to become

without the Three
the Two
could never be
The Perfect, One!


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