Morning devotionals

“My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up.”
Psalm 5:3New King James Version (NKJV)

      Morning devotionals … in all honesty I don’t go unless it’s a special early morning service (usually because the worship group has to sing and I’m part of the group) … If it’s an anointed member service or a waiting service then something internally wakes me up almost an hour before the alarm goes off. When it’s a regular morning devotional it becomes a giant battle getting up if I even try at all, all the sleep I missed during the week just crashes down on me on Saturday and Sunday morning. (The days I am close to the temple) during the week I once in a while wake up early enough to hear the morning program the Mondejar Family give through RadioEternal
     My family has always held in high regard the concept of waking up early for a devotional, for some the first sign of their spiritual life weakening is when they stop waking up early to have an encounter with God. My family has always told me, my sisters, and my cousins that we should look for God early in the morning during a devotional, sometimes they have forced us to go, but us being who we are that hasn’t always worked. In my family we know God is the one that changes the hearts and makes the calling and that is why we pray that God helps us, the younger generation, understand the importance of waking up for the morning devotional. We want God to allow us to understand the concept so that we don’t do it every morning as a ritual that has no spiritual benefit for our lives.
      Pastor Joel Mondejar always tried to get the youth to go to the morning devotional especially on the days that we were all staying close to the temple. He would try to find different ways to motivate us all. He would get together with the youth pastor and work on different tactics to get the youth motivated to go in the mornings, He also wanted each of us to learn what it meant to wake up early and look for God early in the morning. I would sometimes go during one of those occasions that he’d try something new but not always. Sometimes I would tell myself I wouldn’t go because I didn’t want people to say I was only doing it to get on the pastors good side… I would say that I would go after everything calmed down and things went back to normal… I still didn’t go afterwards
       Hearing how our pastor felt such a burden to instill in us all the importance of going to the morning devotionals and see him almost cry while speaking to the congregation I decided to have a personal conversation with God about this subject.
      I was completely sincere with God and just told him everything I thought about the subject. I didn’t really see an importance or feel a strong connection with waking up early … I prayed throughout the day and I didn’t see why waking up so early would make a difference. So me being me, I asked God for confirmation on the subject.. if this was really so important for our spiritual lives then I wanted him to show it to me. …. Months passed, a year passed… our congregation got a new pastor and for a moment I kind of hoped that the new pastor wouldn’t keep bringing up the topic of morning devotionals cuz I’d feel guilty for not going. The new pastor Eddie Estrada was no different to Joel on this subject and he made sure to remind us of what God wanted from us.
      When I spoke to God I asked him to visit me through a dream, vision or a sermon but afterwards I told him, “God you know how doubtful I can be, so I would prefer you confirm this to me through one of the messages the Holy Spirit gives when He anoints someone with his presence. That way I cannot even say it was a man who spoke, a man who just wants to make us all wake up early …”

God being the perfect and all merciful God heard my prayer and responded to my plea. Here is the message the Holy Spirit gave his daughter when he anointed her…

Yuriko García:
Don’t feel envy towards evil men and don’t desire to be with them either. My grace is more important, it has more worth than anything in this world. You have responded in time for the salvation of your life from the terrible things that will soon befall this world and only with my Spirit will you be victorious. No more carelessness with prayer, with fasting, with completing my holy commandments. Tell my church that there must be no more carelessness with the devotionals, I like it when you look for me in the mornings. A special demand for all: search for salvation, enter in the ark of salvation, and renounce the world. Come soon in search of my blessing. Amen.

No tengas envidia de los hombres malos ni desees estar con ellos. Mi gracia es mas importante, tiene más valor que las cosas del mundo. A tiempo has reflexionado para la salvación de tu vida de las cosas terribles que pronto vendrán a este mundo y solo con mi Espíritu vencerás. No más descuidos en la oración, en el ayuno, en el cumplimiento de mis santos mandamientos. Dile a mi iglesia que no mas descuidos en las horas devocionales; me gusta que me busquen por las mañanas. Una demanda especial para todos: busquen la salvación, entren en el arca de salvación, renuncien al mundo. Vengan pronto por mi bendicion. Amén.
Superte. Edilberto Camaal

     I won’t say I have changed completely on how I feel about this subject but I have made it a new goal to do as I promised God. I know I am no the only one that struggles with waking up early to do a morning devotional and that is why I pray for me and everyone else who struggles with this. I know there is greater blessings in doing this and that’s why I ask all of you to pray for me. I want to fall in love with the idea of waking up early and having an encounter with God before I go out and face the rest of the world.


If Jesus returns with the rising of the sun then I hope he finds me awake praising his holy name along with everyone else who has learned to praise his name before sunrise.


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