Special Fast

As some of you guys know at the conference there was a session for the youth which presented the topic of homosexuality. Those that were present heard a little of what the Holy Spirit led me to speak about my own life and this subject. I knew the enemy would retaliate but I expected it to be an attack head on. I was prepared for that type of attack. Of course he got me from a different direction and hit a different area of my life. All that’s in the past now because after this glorious weekend, I had an encounter with God that I can’t and won’t forget. I have new strength to move on. Tomorrow and Lord willing every 27th of each month (I present this topic in every fast I do but I want to do one specifically just for this) I will be presenting a fast specifically for those of us who have had or still have to confront homosexuality personally, presenting the families/friends that don’t know what to do or how to help their loved ones, for God to help me and others who know what it’s like to live with it to unite and to start a ministry specifically to help those who confront same sex attraction in their lives. God loves us all but when we are wrapped up in this it seems like he doesn’t and with all that has been going on it can get hard to accept God’s true will when the world presents an easier lifestyle that supposedly God accepts now
… I extend the invitation to everyone else who’d like to join and I ask personally for you to keep me in your prayers bcuz I know the enemy is always going to try to discourage me and humiliate me. I accept this as my cross to carry, it can be for the rest of my life but I don’t care because I know God loves me! “God is my Shepard and I will want for nothing”


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