Other things from inside my head

The Stranger in my Dreams

Where are you, stranger from my dreams?
You make me feel something
I have not felt when awake.
Are you an Angel of light or a demon in disguise?
My heart tells me you must be good,
And I wish to believe it is so.
How much longer must I wait,
till my real eyes see your face?
You hide it from my eyes, and disappear
When I’m near to knowing who you are.
Are you the answer to a prayer?
You have held my hand when reality has been cruel,
And you have embraced me as if you knew
What went on while I was awake.
Who are you, stranger in my dreams?
I rather know now if you will ever be real.
Are you a mortal who walks this earth,
Are you the friend who comes, but leaves
When the person can stand on their own?
You make it harder to walk during the day,
I search for you in every face. I feel lost when I am awake.
You are the missing piece that will connect me to the rest.
Without you I’m the puzzle piece that doesn’t fit with the rest.
My heart knows you as someone else,
but keeps that a secret from my mind.
My mind only knows you as
The stranger in my dreams, with a shaded face.

December 18, 2013


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