What God gives me

The Gift that is inside You!

“15 He said to them, “Go into the whole world and proclaim the good news to every creature. 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever doesn’t believe will be condemned. 17 These signs will be associated with those who believe: they will throw out demons in my name. They will speak in new languages. 18 They will pick up snakes with their hands. If they drink anything poisonous, it will not hurt them. They will place their hands on the sick, and they will get well.”  Mark 16:15-18 (CEB)

“Wake-up Church, wake up!”

You have asked for spiritual gifts, and I have placed them amongst you. Even before you uttered your petition for them, I granted them to you. It’s time to bring them forth and let them shine. My beloved daughter, my church you can no longer continue to be lukewarm. You asked for the spiritual gifts, now come forth with faith and used them for my honor and glory.

I have shown you how to fortify the gifts, which I have placed inside you, and I remind you of that again, today. Fasting and praying, like two sisters who have coexisted since the beginning of time, one can’t continue without the other. You want to hear my voice? Start by hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit which can be found throughout the Holy Scriptures. We are three in one, and one in three! Remember that before you formed the question in your head, in the Holy Bible, the answer was written.

Where are those who asked for the gift of Divine Healing or the gift of Working Miracles? I am the Holy Doctor and there is nothing I can’t cure. Join those who have attached themselves to Faith, one of the holy fruits of the Holy Spirit. Remember that the prayer of faith opens the path, for the miracle that shall come down from heaven

You asked for the gift of Evangelism and teaching? Have you been able to convince yourself of who I am? Is your faith strong enough that you can show others how to continue believing in ME when the trials and deception come to your life?

Don’t remain silent, SPEAK! Testify of all that you have Seen and Heard, testify of the things that have occurred in your heart. Remember my words and affirm yourself on the Eternal Rock, don’t allow there to be any doubts inside of you about my doctrine.

You asked for the gift of Knowledge and Wisdom? Remember that the fountain of knowledge does not flow from within but from the Holy Spirit.

How many have asked for the gift of Prophecy, but shun away when they have the testimony to go and speak to a soul in need? You are not in the times of Elijah and Jeremiah when their lives were in danger for speaking to a king or a people completely disobedient. My chosen shall hear my voice and act. The signs for the end of times are written for all to read, but some need to be reminded of them. They need to know that they are all starting to fulfill themselves.  You asked to be the one who sits on the watchtower and sounds the alarm when danger comes? Then stand up and shine with my light! Be assistance to the souls in need of hearing my voice and remind my people what I have said.

Satan does not know the day nor the hour of my return, but he knows that time is short. Where are those who asked for the gift of Discerning of Spirits? My church needs to be protected from the attacks of the enemy. There are wolves amongst you with the intent of confusing and hurting my children. It is time for you to unite with your pastor so that you can help guide my sheep. Learn from my son Jesus Christ and of his love for each sheep.

It is time to awaken and use the Holy Gifts that I have placed inside of you.

“The Holy Spirit has different gifts to edify the church and we must aspire to have the best of them. If it is possible we must aspire to have them all! We must be sure of one thing, that we have all been blessed by God with at least one of the Spiritual Gifts. If we don’t have at least one gift then there can be no evidence of a healthy spiritual life amongst ourselves.” – Bishop B. Luis, ¿Meta, O Punto de Partida? Deciembre 1993 


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